About Us

Meet Your E.V.P. ( Entrepreneurs Virtual Partners )

You must be the CEO of your business and you are looking for your EVP?

We are your business partners in establishing and growing your online presence.

Our Beginnings

We are a team of web developers and website designers dedicated to helping entrepreneurs like you take your business to new heights. Originally, we worked individually as general virtual assistants helping those who are technically-challenged clients in managing their sales funnels such as email sequence set up and WordPress website management; schedule management and even data entry.
Eventually, we were attracted or pulled together by an energy that led us to do some collaborative tasks until we were able to find our way to scale up due to the increasing demand in the market. From being a general virtual assistant, we also decided to niche down and took some courses to help us equip ourselves. After gaining mastery of what we do, we also learned the art of marketing and established our own freelancing business.
It is our vision to be known for our excellent services. We always want to give our best in helping every client that works with us. It is our greatest desire to help them in achieving their business goals. Their goal is already our mission once they give their full trust to us by accepting our proposal. We treat every client as our business partner thus we came up with our team name as EVP. It is our hope that we become virtual partners too in running and growing your business.


Ryan, the master Web-developer used to set up Internet Cafe in local business establishments, did some Data Entry jobs, and Web Research until he found his way to master the skills of website development. He is the overall in charge of all technical aspects at the backend, seeing to it that every project has a strong foundation.
Cel, a psychology major turned Montessori school owner and teacher also started as a general virtual assistant who did some research, facebook account management, email sequence set up then eventually focused on website design. She is the overall in charge of checking the contents of every project.

Divine, used be in the academe then transitioned as a general virtual assistant. Coming from a very structured school setting, she was able to translate it when she also assisted business owners in managing their schedules, did some website management then eventually became a techie VA setting up emails sequences and integration. She serves as the over-all-project manager of the team.

Muchi used to be a Virtual Assistant in UpWork doing Administrative Support, Web Research and WordPress management. Because of all these experiences, she had master the skill of WordPress designing using Divi Theme. Now as part of the team, she takes charge on Web Designing to let our clients focus on their business while she handles the back office.

We would love to assist you too!