People’s personal information is VERY important.

With things going on with Facebook and their loss of face in allowing people’s data to be compromised or sort of “shared“ has been eye-opening. The freedom of anyone having our personal information has become news that won’t go away. People have sat up and taken notice and wondered just how safe their personal information really is.

Identity theft is a very real issue and if we don’t have some reigning in of liberties taken with our personal data and it’s safe-keeping things can only get worse.



The EU (European Union) has brought in a directive – the GDPR. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. This is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within both the European Union and the European Economic Area. Even with a simple understanding, we know that it can affect any website. Those who browse from Europe (including the UK at this present time) and those who go away from Europe and browse while in another country.

When any type of data is collected – the Directive is as described by a lawyer specialized in EU Law – LINK extends to everyone and will in due course be taken up by other countries. The course which covers information for future amendments which need to be made to websites. Within this course is information regarding how to understand the GDPR better in a simple easy way and how to make your website GDPR compliant.



EU officials may not stumble on your site – but someone may very well report you if they have an issue with it not being compliant. For example, they believe they should have a right to privacy that your site is not giving them. This is shown by how your website has been set up for the new GDPR directive.

If you wish to have help with understanding GDPR – the course offered here talks of 173 very long recitals and 99 quite complex articles – but that is not to turn you off but let you see how legal-speak can be quite cumbersome when working to cover everything.

Need help with implementing GDPR so as to make your website GDPR compliant? See us – we’d be happy to help!