A website – a most useful innovation.

In our computer age, a website is one of our most useful innovations.  We pride ourselves on being able to Google with a tap of the fingers or a voice command and have a website to hand.  A website has become synonymous with being able to find out about almost anything. Whether of a practical, helpful, social, commercial and altogether knowledgeable nature we have all been rewarded by the access we have to the marvelous resource that websites have become.

To be caught short of not having your website up and running when in business is a big down-side.  Bloggers also have found dual uses for their blog sites – not only for sharing of the every day but also for sales and/or giving of information from their point of view.  From the very young to those now even older in age – some in their 80s – have found a multitude of reasons to check out many websites in their lifetime.


Why Build A Website

There are estimated to be 440 million blogs worldwide but let’s take into account the need for the commercial aspect. People read blogs to gain information, to buy and for social reasons for instance.  They want a website owner to supply all this and supply it well. Much more so with the website that is commercial only with the blog added on.

Although an all-embracing goal of a website owner is to have people come to your website and gain more followers or clients and customers you need to remember one other thing. Most important is that you want your surfers or browsers of your site to take action in some way.

Within many of us also is the want for self-expression – to put out there what uniquely expresses ourselves and what we like or would like to portray.  We want that to be attractive to people who come across our site. We want individual and our own portrayal of what we stand for. This is another reason of the “why build a website.” Whether a person or an entity we want to have our personal stamp. Commercial sites also have their own branding to attend to – so their site has been orchestrated to not only meet needs for their clients and customers but often to be known globally.  A majority of commercial sites will have blogs since they realize this is helpful to clients. Getting a package together that meets those needs both commercial and information-related takes a well-equipped and understanding web development team. So the query of why build a website is because Google doesn’t know everything – he may not know who is a great web developer team to choose!


Choosing a Website Developer/ Team

There are some things you should know when choosing a website developer or team:

  • Be aware of when your site will be ready – but be prepared if you have extras that they can take a little longer
  • Make sure you own your own domain name
  • Do some research into sites you like and become educated about what you like
  • Check  their portfolio to see if they have a range of skills and also recommendations.
  • Check what host they recommend (ex. SiteGround, Interserver, and the like).
  • Check regarding any logos needed or color palettes and ideas they have to offer.
  • Pay attention to how much they ask about you and your business. Remember when it comes down to it – it’s not just how the site looks but how good it is for marketing and business. Plus how easy it is for people to move around your site.
  • Make sure that you are in tune with their ethics and values.
  • Check on how much functionality you need on your site.
  • Check that WordPress is used–  which is a good foundation on your proposed  site.
  • Check the choice of package that will be installed on your site (our preferred page builder is Divi by Elegant Themes).  
  • Be aware of later costing should there be any hiccups.
  • That they are SEO-knowledgable.
  • That they are aware of the steps to take for GDPR compliancy.
  • Remember that paying less for a website may very well not be “good value”.
  • Will visitors need to have input on your site and that does your Website Developer has samples of how to do this.
  • Remember over time you will make some adjustments to your website over time – so do make allowances for that with your team.